PTF’s Board of Directors brings together a diverse range of individuals from different parts of the world with extensive experience of anti-corruption and international economic development. They meet at least twice per year via teleconference to review PTF’s progress, its financial, audit and governance developments, and consider key strategic issue.

President’s Councillors are individuals who have made valuable contributions to PTF and continue provide guidance and advice.

Members of the PTF Management Team volunteer their services. They are seasoned development and management experts with diverse backgrounds who oversee and direct all aspects of PTF’s operations.

PTF also maintains a small team staff and consultants to support program development and evaluation, financial management, technology solutions, communications strategies and more.

A distinctive feature of PTF is our network of highly experienced development professionals, drawn from multilateral development banks, bi-lateral aid agencies, foundations, the private sector and non-profit organizations. Over 100 experts serve as volunteers and consultants over a wide range of countries, sectors and thematic areas.