Slide GOVERNANCE BRIEF Engaging Civil Society Organizations to
Enhance the Effectiveness of COVID-19
Response Programs in Asia and the Pacific
The Asian Development Bank has contracted PTF to write a governance brief
explaining how civil society organizations (CSOs) can take on a more active
role to complement government efforts to respond to COVID-19.
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Monitoring COVID-19 Vaccines In partnership with Poder Ciudadano, PTF has launched the
newest phase of a monitoring project designed to ensure
transparency in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines
in Argentina.
How CSOs can help
ensure good governance
in COVID-19 vaccinations
To read more about the benefits of civil society involvement in
vaccine distribution programs, read PTF's blogs
on this important subject.


PTF advances innovative citizen-led approaches to improve governance, increase transparency, promote the rule of law and reduce corruption in developing and emerging countries.

News & Updates

A Window of Opportunity for Civil Society? The Importance of CSO Monitors in IDA20

The World Bank has committed extensive funds to help its member governments respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the scale of these programs and speed of their development leaves them vulnerable to corrupt practices and…

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COVID-19 Portfolio: Summary of Work

As COVID-19 swept the globe, the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) adjusted our operations to meet the moment and directly support civil society efforts to both assist and monitor emergency response programs, ensuring help reached…

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A Global Home for Innovations in Citizen Engagement

Each of our programmatic priorities seeks to give voice to civil society and demonstrate the value of constructive partnerships between authorities and citizens.

Global Affiliates

Recognizing the importance of physical presence in the regions in which we work and where our potential partners reside, PTF has established four affiliates: PTF Europe, based in Germany, PTF Asia, based in the Philippines, PTF India, and PTF Africa, based in South Africa. These affiliates are legally independent but closely integrated arms of PTF that enable us to better understand local cultures, issues and other organizations working on similar issues.

Partners for Transparency Foundation India (PTF-India)


Partnership for Transparency Fund Africa (PTF-Africa)


PTF Asia Foundation (PTF-Asia)



Partnership Fund for Transparency eingetragener Verein (PTF-Europe)

Featured Publications

Citizens Against Corruption: Report from the Frontline

Citizens Against Corruption draws on over 200 case studies that describe impressive initiatives undertaken over the past decade by 130 CSOs in 53 countries which engage directly with public agencies to stop the extortion that damages peoples’ lives and obstructs progress.

A Decade of Helping Civil Society Fight Corruption in the Philippines

The Report details the results and lessons of decade-long (2003-2013) PTF support to Filipino CSOs to fight corruption. It celebrates the successes and reflects on challenges faced as PTF enters a new phase in the Philippines – a regional affiliate called PTF Asia in Manila.

Stimulating Demand for Good Governance

The study focuses on the World Bank’s recent “Governance and Anti-Corruption” (GAC) policies. It makes eight strategic recommendations, which can be put in place as part of the operational guidelines and funding and management arrangements for Phase 2 of the GAC Strategy.