Richard is an international development professional specialising in training and implementing CSO institutional development, good governance, social accountability, advocacy, and project cycle management with more than 40 years experience managing social development projects and programmes in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. He is currently an independent consultant after many years as a long term project manager.

A persuasive speaker, experienced facilitator, trainer, and designer of training materials, Richard is a clear and analytic thinker with an extensive background in strategic planning for CSOs and their relations with governments. He has extensive experience of working with non-state and state actors, including Parliaments, to strengthen processes of citizen-state engagement. He has over 20 years of implementing and managing large donor funded projects (USAID, DFID, UNDP, EU, World Bank) and proven experience in project management, organisational development, project monitoring and evaluation, training, and strategic thinking. He brings substantial knowledge of anti-corruption mechanisms, integrity building, and has published professional literature in these fields. He is an experienced manager of diverse teams of national and international technical experts with proven ability to deliver programmes to meet client requirements in complex environments in many different countries and cultures.