Khalid Siraj retired from the World Bank in October 1999 after having served for over 25 years. At the time of his retirement, he was Operations Advisor, Financial Sector Vice Presidency. Other senior positions held included: Operations Advisor, Central Operations Department (operational policy work), Chief, Public/Private Sector and Technology Development Division, and Chief, Industry, Trade, and Finance Division. After his retirement, he served as a Senior Adviser concurrently to the Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan and State Bank of Pakistan (the central bank), for over three years. The assignment involved formulating, advising on and facilitating implementation of financial sector reforms encompassing institutional, legal and policy aspects. His work included restructuring and privatization of commercial banks and capacity building/policy realignment of regulatory institutions. Khalid Siraj’s professional expertise is in the area of financial sector and private sector development. Also, after having worked on a wide variety of developing countries for over forty years, he has acquired an extensive understanding of the impact of corruption on economic and social development. Mr. Siraj is a native of Pakistan and has an M.B.A. He has been associated with PTF since 2003.