PTF Elects New Board Chair and Directors Frank Vogl, Shruti Shah, Richard Holloway

At its annual meeting on April 30, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Partnership for Transparency Fund elected Frank Vogl as its new chair, and Shruti Shah and Richard Holloway as directors.

Frank is a co-founder and former vice chair of PTF and a co-founder of Transparency International. Shruti Shah is the President & CEO of the Coalition for Integrity. Richard Holloway has served as a PTF Advisor and is a development consultant who has worked in over 40 countries.

Frank Vogl made the following statement:

“John Clark chaired the Board of Directors of the Partnership for Transparency Fund for six years and played major roles in taking the organization to greater heights – PTF has the most diverse and experienced Board that it has ever had, its finances are in better shape than ever, and its staff and management team is doing superbly at a time of unprecedented challenges for civil society across the developing world. Against this background, of course, I am delighted to have the opportunity to serve PTF as its new Board chair.

PTF was started by a small group of friends in 2000 as a U.S. not-for-profit organization to be a unique center of expertise to civil society organizations seeking to promote anti-corruption projects in developing countries. At that time, Peter Eigen and I were respectively the chair and the vice chair of Transparency International (TI), and we recognized that a new organization was needed to complement TI on the anti-graft stage. Barry Metzger brought his extraordinary legal skills to the table to incorporate PTF and set us on the right governance course – I remember him so well and I am delighted that PTF established a special initiative in his name, which I expect to be a key feature of PTF’s future work.

Pierre Landell-Mills and Daniel Ritchie – who both now serve as invaluable President’s Councilors – brought the PTF project to life, developed the networks, the organization, the finances, and scores of projects. Their extraordinary work has been continued by Richard Stern as President and a management team of exceptional commitment and talents. They have been vital in the growth of PTF’s four affiliates today in Africa, India, Asia, and Europe.

Looking to the future, PTF faces challenges when it comes to projects, but none are greater than supporting our civil society partners in developing countries in two critical areas: first, immediately assisting them to ensure that emergency COVID19-relief funds are disbursed transparently and used honestly and effectively to help those most in need. Second, work with partners old and new, to develop projects that promote open and integrity-driven governance in the climate change/environmental protection area.

In these, as in other areas, PTF will build on its experience of the last 20 years and use its more than 100 volunteer expert advisors to provide assistance in such diverse fields as project planning, law, procurement, climate change, health, education, and gender. We will strive to maximize our support to CSOs, while using our website to highlight the lessons we are learning and so share our knowledge as widely as possible.

Finally, we are all acutely aware that civil society organizations, as well as investigative journalists, now face greater governmental pressures than at any time in the last several decades – pressures that amount in many cases to dangerous threats to life and to freedom, harassment and censorship. PTF will continue to raise its voice and maximize its efforts to support its courageous partners in these difficult times.

‘I am indeed honored to be given this opportunity to serve PTF and to welcome Shruti Shah and Richard Holloway as new directors to the board.”