PTF programs strive to help improve governance – greater accountability, responsiveness to citizens and transparent public activities – to promote participatory governance and improved development outcomes. Together with developing country civil society organization (CSO) partners, PTF develops innovative approaches, learns from its work, and shares the knowledge gained.

Promoting Equitable, Accountable, Civic Engagement in Myanmar (PEACE)

Promoting Equitable, Accountable, Civic Engagement in Myanmar (PEACE) enhances resources and strengthens the capacities of local CSOs for an empowered civil society in Myanmar that embraces diversity, promotes social inclusiveness, accountability, transparency, and civic responsibility.

Transparency and Accountability in Mongolia Education (TAME)

Transparency and Accountability in Mongolia Education (TAME) addresses the development challenge of providing disadvantaged ethnic minorities of Mongolia access to better education services. The Project intends to achieve this overarching objective by increasing efficiency, transparency and accountability in education procurement, organizing a Parent Teacher Association in each project soum, and promoting civic society participation in prioritizing educational initiative. The education reforms are expected to directly benefit 90% of Mongolia’s ethnic minorities who will have better access to quality education by the end of the project.

Guarding the Integrity of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program for the Philippines (i-Pantawid)

Guarding the Integrity of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program (CCT) for the Philippines (i-Pantawid) aims to develop a model for civil society—government partnership for transparent and accountable implementation of the Patanwid Pamiliyang Pilipino Program. The project intends to strengthen the integrity of CCT Program by instituting a strong and sustained civil society role in program implementation. By the end of the Project implementation period in March 2018, there should be a well functioning CSO-government collaboration in CCT Program in Northern Luzon that would serve as model for the rest of the country.

The Barry Metzger Rule of Law Initiative

The Rule of Law Initiative named after PTF founder Barry Metzger is designed to honor his memory by promoting systems of justice that respect individual rights, equality, dignity, and respect for all before the law. Through the Initiative, PTF is promoting the rule of law in developing countries by strengthening civil society institutions to bring about fair and just governance through citizen action. Our ambition is to help emerging civil society leaders build more transparent and accountable government institutions; level the playing field for businesses seeking to compete honestly; and improve outcomes.

Citizen Action for Results, Transparency and Accountability (CARTA)

Procurement is particularly vulnerable to corruption through unfair competition and collusion. PTF trains CSOs to identify and expose corruption and waste plaguing public procurement; and supports them in constructively engaging with sympathetic authorities to find solutions.

Citizen Action Platform (CAP)

The Citizen Action Platform (CAP) is a program designed to improve public services in developing countries by encouraging citizen participation in reporting corruption, mismanagement and maltreatment through the use of information and communications technology (ICT).

E-Procurement Monitoring in Ukraine

Improving Transparency and Effectiveness of Public Procurement in Ukraine through Cooperation with Civil Society is a program to train CSOs in Ukraine on how to monitor public procurement under the country’s new e-procurement system – “ProZorro.” PTF is working with the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) to develop tools provide training to help CSOs and journalists identify irregularities and bring evidence-based reports of abuse to the attention of the responsible authorities using information generated by the system. The training will provide tools and present best practices for procurement monitoring internationally.

Health Transparency Initiative in India

The Health Transparency Initiative supports projects to raise citizen voice and monitor health sector performance. The pilot project, in Kerala India, is introducing participatory and transparent procurement and distribution of drugs and medical equipment and conducting social audits of basic health service delivery.