PTF’s Health Transparency Initiative (HTI) provides support to civil society organizations (CSOs) in developing countries in order to improve health outcomes. Its projects aim to raise citizen and engagement with government officials and service deliverers, and thereby control corruption, improve transparency, and improve health sector performance.

The Initiative was launched in India in 2018. Currently, two projects are under implementation and another is at an advanced stage of preparation. The three projects and their objectives are summarized below.

Quality Improvement of Public Health Services in Thrissur, Kerala, India

Approved in 2018 for implementation by CSO (Jananeethi) over 3 years (2018-2020). This project will:

  • support constructive community engagement with Local Governments and public health clinics for greater transparency and improved services;
  • help government mandated Hospital Management Committees to provide more effective oversight; and
  • establish and put into operation an independent community body –a Health Watch Committee to hold duty bearers accountable.

Improving Maternal and Child Health Care Services (MCH) through Citizen Engagement in Odisha State in India

MCH has been identified as the top priority in the recently issued Indian National Health Policy. This project will be the first phase (2019-2020) of a longer-term program to be implemented by the Indian CSO Youth For Social Development (YSD). This is in the final stages of processing for approval by PTF and by the cofinancier, the India Development Relief Fund (IDRF). Objectives are:

  • to enable beneficiaries to constructively engage with authorities and demand improved access, better quality of MCH services and hold them accountable;
  • to improve access to and quality of MCH through the use of community score card process and other social accountability tools; and
  • to collaborate with researchers to contribute to evidence on improving outcomes under SDGs-3 (health), SDG-5 (Gender) and SDG-16 (governance) through citizen engagement

Reducing the Maternal and infant mortality through Community participation and civic monitoring in Rajasthan State, India

This is the first phase (2019-2020) of a longer-term program to be implemented by CUTS –Consumer Unity and Trust Society (Jaipur, India). The Concept Note and results framework are under review and the project is expected to be approved by PTF in 2019. The project seeks to:

  • enhance inclusiveness, participation and responsiveness in the implementation of public health services for reducing maternal and infant mortality rates and malnutrition among children in Chittorgarh district in India; and
  • build a sustainable replicable model of citizen engagement in public health services to help achieve state-level targets for reduced maternal and infant mortality and malnutrition among children.