PTF advances innovative citizen-led approaches to improve governance, increase transparency, promote the rule of law and reduce corruption in developing and emerging countries.

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Call for Feedback on the PTF-OSF Study on How to Expand and Adequately Fund Civil Society Organization Engagement in the Implementation of the $93 Billion IDA20 Program

The largest concessional lending program for the world’s poorest countries now needs to boost the roles of and funding for civil society in helping governments deliver results with accountability in the projects it funds says…

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Eliminating Sextortion Must Be the Goal – But How?

Needed – Zero-Tolerance Policies for Sexual Abuses By: Frank Vogl, Board Chair, Partnership for Transparency December 12, 2022 Professor Purna Sen does not use weasel words and vague phrases when discussing sexual abuse and sextortion.…

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Promoting Equity and Good Governance in COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment

Within the context of COVID-19 vaccine distribution, good governance in the distribution of doses remains a key concern. According to PTF’s Chief Technical Adviser Vinay Bhargava, good governance is evident…

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Project Launch: Infrastructure Transparency and Accountability in Malawi

On March 8, 2021, the EU-funded Malawi Infrastructure Transparency and Accountability Project was officially launched through a virtual event. The project, entitled, “Strengthening the Capacity of CSOs to Promote Transparency…

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When Did the World Bank Discover the Virtues of Good Governance and Anti-Corruption?

On March 31, 2021, PTF President’s Councillor Mr. Pierre Landell-Mills shared his reflections on the development of the World Bank's good governance and anti-corruption work. The event, entitled: “When did…

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Integrity in COVID-19 Response: Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Value Added

The most efficient, equitable, and transparent means of distributing COVID-19 vaccines around the world can be achieved with the help of local civil society organizations (CSOs). This is the key…

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Making Progress on SDG16 Good Governance Targets During and Beyond the Pandemic: Report from the Frontlines in Africa and Asia

As part of the International Anti-Corruption Day Conference on December 1, 2020, the Partnership for Transparency (PTF) hosted a panel discussion on lessons learned from COVID-19 monitoring projects, and the…

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Each of our programmatic priorities seeks to give voice to civil society and demonstrate the value of constructive partnerships between authorities and citizens.

Global Affiliates

Recognizing the importance of physical presence in the regions in which we work and where our potential partners are located, PTF has three affiliates: PTF Asia, based in the Philippines; PTF Europe, based in Germany; and  PTF India. These affiliates are legally independent but closely integrated branches of PTF that enable us to better understand local cultures and issues.


PTF Asia Foundation (PTF-Asia)



Partnership Fund for Transparency eingetragener Verein (PTF-Europe)


Partners for Transparency Foundation India (PTF-India)



Featured Publications

Citizens Against Corruption: Report from the Frontline

Citizens Against Corruption draws on over 200 case studies that describe impressive initiatives undertaken over the past decade by 130 CSOs in 53 countries which engage directly with public agencies to stop the extortion that damages peoples’ lives and obstructs progress.

Civil Society Monitoring in the Health Sector

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for strong health sector governance and oversight to safeguard provision of quality health services. The Partnership for Transparency Fund supports citizens and civil society organizations to reduce corruption and improve public service delivery, and this report details PTF’s experience.

Monitoring Public Procurement Guide: A Tool for Civil Society

Efficient and transparent public procurement is at the core of good governance. This guide, first developed for Moldova, but whose principles are applicable in other contexts, is intended to support CSOs, civic monitors, and investigative journalists in their monitoring of public procurement at all levels and in any domain.